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Radio Control Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster will be spotted again! This time swimming in ponds, lakes and pools across America. Takara will bring the Loch Ness Monster to life who promises to be more fun than the elusive legend of yore herself!

Kids (and more than a few adults) will delight in Nessie’s appearance and movement that will be animated through the directional R/C controller. It is not only responsible for the familiar glide, but also will direct her articulated neck to dip under water just like in the often seen grainy film footage. And with a remote range of 60 feet, the possibilities are endless for “scaring up” fun. “Nessie,” will have parents running for cameras (or maybe just running!) No assembly required and ready for some serious out of the box fun…oh and don’t worry about Mom and Dad – they will be thrilled when their Loch Ness Monster photos appear in the tabloids!

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