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Professor Nozawa


The Cat Attack uses the latest research in chaos theory and complex systems to emulate the movements and personality of a cat's favorite prey. This "virtual mouse" technology utilizes algorithms based on a six-dimensional coupled nzmap system modeled on the neural network of a real mouse. What that all means is that the Cat Attack's "virtual mouse" will become your cat's new best friend!

Professor Shimada


Dr. Nozawa has developed an amazing and practical use for "deterministic chaos". It was Norbert Wiener who pointed out the importance of random noise in the brain and in automatic control systems. However, Dr. Nozawa showed that is was possible to solve the difficult "Traveling Salesman Problem" of optimization faster by using nonlinear dynamics, rather than random noise. The "Cat Attack" toy developed by Dr. Nozawa's operates using powerful nonlinear dynamics algorithms, and this leading edge of human knowledge is appreciated by, among others, the Nozawa family cats, Tal, Fu and Phi, who seem to think the "Cat Attack" is truly alive.

Capsuled Chaos™

This product is based on Capsuled Chaos™ technology by ChAoticFactory, Ltd. Capsuled Chaos™ is a trademark of ChAoticFactory, Ltd.