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Desktop Flyer
Ace Legend Collection

New Model Airplanes with Real Built-in Engine Sounds from Takara

Bird watchers can discern between the chirp of a Gold Finch and the warble of a Black-Billed Magpie. The trained ear of a soprano can differentiate between high C and C above high C. And then there are those sounds that only an aficionado of military aircraft can identify – the sound of a favorite propeller plane starting up and taking to the skies. To those with an ear for engines, there is a world of difference between the powerful roar of the WWII F4U-1 Corsair and the determined sputter start of the WWI Sopwith Camel.

With loyal collectors in mind, Takara introduces the Desktop Flyer Ace Legend Collection, a set of four scale-size military planes that replicate the actual sounds WWI and WWII classics. Close your eyes and you will imagine an ace pilot has just spun his prop, jumped into the cockpit and taken to the skies in his glorious warbird.

Takara chose the models featured in the collection because they are “prop” planes and during WWI, were actually started with a manual turn of their propellers. To recreate that thrill, each Desktop Flyer engine sound roars to life for a full minute with a simple flick of the scale-sized free-spinning propeller. Desktop Flyer Ace Legends will appeal to history buffs, pilots, or simply those who appreciate fine detail in scale model airplanes.

World War I Series (1:72 Scale)

Fokker D VII
The Fokker D VII made its debut over the World War I battlefield in the Spring of 1918. With its high rate of climb, higher ceiling, and superb handling characteristics, Germany was able to score 565 victories over Allied aircraft during August 1918. Flight-tested by the Red Baron himself, The D VII proved to be easy to fly and capable of diving at high speeds while remaining steady.

Sopwith Camel
The Sopwith Camel was the most successful fighter plane of WWI. It shot down more enemy aircraft than any other fighter plane of all the warring nations. The Camel was produced in Great Britain and went into action in May 1917. It was highly maneuverable and emerged as the victor in many a “dogfight.”

World War II Series (1:100 scale)

P-47 Thunderbolt
The P-47 was a heavyweight fighter and in April of 1943, it flew its first combat mission over Western Europe. Used as both a high-altitude escort fighter and a low-level bomber, the P-47 was known for its sturdiness that allowed it to weather battle damage and continue flying. During WW II, the P-47 served in almost every military theater.

F4U-1 Corsair
Flying at a rate of 415 mph with military equipment onboard, the Corsair had exceeded all speed expectations. In addition to its unusual bent wing design, its second feature of note was the whistling sound caused by the wing-root inlets for engine air. Introduced in October 1940, the Corsair downed 2,149 enemy craft versus 189 lost, the best kill ratio in history.

Suggested Retail Price: $14.99
Available: June

For more information about the Desktop Flyer Ace Legends, please visit takara-usa.com.

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