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The Purrfect Mood Detector

New Device From Takara Shows You When Your Cat Is Happy

If only cats could talk…

There is no mistaking when your boisterous, eager-to-please dog is happy. His tail wags as he runs to greet you and hangs on your every word. And then there is your cat…she looks happy sitting in the sun…well she’s probably happy…isn’t she?

The Purrfect Mood Detector from Takara incorporates proprietary technology that lets you know for sure. It works like this: Slip the Purrfect Mood Detector “charm” onto your cat’s collar. When the tiny microphone detects that your cat is purring, a red LED light blinks, letting you know that your furry feline is content.

Of course, you could always approach your sweetie pie to determine if it is purring, but think of the times when it’s best to just let them be. Whether your kitty is dozing off to sleep, cuddling on someone else’s lap, playing with her kittens or even relaxing in another room…just peak at the blinking light and you’ll know for sure. It’s also perfect for “boarded”when you can view them online during their stay.

Recent studies have shown that humans can reap health benefits, including a lowering of blood pressure, from petting a cat. New research shows that a purring cat can also reduce its own anxiety levels as well. You want your cat to be happy and healthy and Takara’s Purrfect Mood Detector is a stylish barometer of your cat’s overall health.

Takara knows that no one understands your cat better than you do. We just offer another way to help you be sure that everything is “purrfect.”

Requires One CR2032 Battery (included).

Pat Cassano

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