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Takara knows that no one understands cats better than their owners. The Purrfect Mood Detector offers you another way to make sure that everything is "purrfect."

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Purrfect Mood Detector - Watch Your Cat Light Up With Happiness!
Takara introduces the Purrfect Mood Detector, a new stylish collar charm that incorporates proprietary technology that allows you to see when your cat is in a good mood! It works like this: The Purrfect Mood Detector charm attaches to a cat's collar. When the tiny microphone detects that the cat is purring, a red LED light blinks, letting you know that your furry feline is content.

Make a Fashion Statement
Available in Two Colors - White and Pink
Use your collar or dress up your own with easily removeable charm.

It's Easy
Easy to read. Easy to operate. Easy to love.
Tami Shearer I've been a practicing veterinarian for almost 19 years and continue to be fascinated by a cat's purr. It has been said that a cat's purr is like a smile and I would be thrilled to always know when my patients and my personal cats are smiling. - Tami Shearer, DVM