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Aircraft Specifications


First flown in May, 1941. Tough, fast and with flexible fighter-bomber attack capabilities. Maximum speed 428mph, armed with 2 machine guns and could carry 300lbs of bombs. Over 15,000 were produced over the course of the war.

Length/Height:     36'1.75"x14'7"
Wingspan: 40' 9.75"
Gross Weight: 19,400 lbs
Max Speed: 428 mph
Max Altitude: 42,000 ft
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-63 hp2000

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The perfect combination of speed and lethality. First flown on May 29th, 1940, credited with turning the tide of the air war in the Pacific. With 2,149 enemy craft downed versus only 189 lost, the best kill ratio in history.

Length/Height:     33'4"x16'1"
Wingspan: 40' 11"
Gross Weight: 13,120 lbs
Max Speed: 425 mph
Max Altitude: 33,900 ft
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-8W hp2250

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Introduced by Germany to the Western Front in April, 1918. The plane of the "Red Baron", strong, fast and more maneuverable than allied planes, and armed with two 7.92 Spandau machine guns.

Length/Height:     23'x9'
Wingspan: 29'3"
Gross Weight: 1,874 lbs
Max Speed: 116 mph
Max Altitude: 22,900 ft
Engine: Daimler-Mercedes D.III hp160

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The first British fighter to integrate synchronized machine guns. Introduced in May, 1917. A deadly trench-strafer, also armed with 25-lb bombs. Famously difficult to maneuver for beginning pilots, but agile and lethal in the hands of an experienced pilot.

Length/Height:     18'6"x9'1"
Wingspan: 26'11"
Gross Weight: 1,523 lbs
Max Speed: 114 mph
Max Altitude: 19,000 ft
Engine: Clerget 9B hp130

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