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Parakeet photos Parakeets
Melopsittacus undulatus The parakeet, also known as the Budgerigar, is the best known cage-bird kept throughout the world. Populations of escaped birds have established themselves in some areas, particularly southern Florida. Parakeets naturally occur in Australia where they are one of the most common wild bird species. They can be found throughout the continent, often in enormous flocks said to sometimes blacken the sky.

Though breeders have created a wide range of color arieties, wild parakeets share a typical coloration. This consists of an emerald green underside, a yellow and black barred back and head, a yellow face and blue-green tail.
  • Parakeets have 2-part animation, head and tail feathers.
  • The chirp sound will be a little different for each color.
  • The perches are included (plastic).
  • Parakeet can be removed from its perch and held on your finger (not free-standing w/o its perch).
  • Height, set on the perch, is 71/8 inches.
  • Each bird comes in an individual "Try-Me" window box.