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Radio Control Tarantula

New From Takara

Who needs TV’s Fear Factor? Takara-USA introduces a radio controlled tarantula that is so life-like, it will make your skin crawl! Kids now have the ability to scare their friends, family and even themselves (!) with their own “pet” Tarantula! Each realistic leg movement of this frightening, furry spider moves separately to propel it forward. Kids control the action with a hand-held radio control device that brings this creepy crawler to life and make it move just like the real ones! What is lurking around the corner will give you the creeps!

About Tarantulas
(family Theraphosidae)

Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders with 8 legs and 8 eyes. There are about 300 species that live in warm climates around the world. Tarantulas are meat-eating spiders that use their powerful mouths and venomous fangs to prey on small reptiles, insects, small birds and even other spiders. They have two tiny claws on each leg and can even inject a chemical into their prey to dissolve its flesh. Some species can live for over 30 years! There are many myths and fears associated with the Tarantula. There is even a dance named after it which simulates the reaction to a Tarantula’s bite; the person jumps around until they drop from exhaustion! In reality, no one has ever died from its bite.

Requires 5AA Batteries

For Age: 6+

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Hi-res images available.

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