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Takara brings Microman figures to the U.S. in celebration of its thirtieth anniversary

In commemoration of its 30th anniversary, original product manufacturer Takara proudly introduces Microman to the U.S. with an updated fully articulated and poseable body. These incredible figures have thirty points of articulation, including seven 180 degree ball joints, six 180 degree rotation joints, and twelve 180 degree vise joints. And, with seven accessory-ports these guys can wear an impressive assortment of equipment, weapons, accessories and gear!

Formerly sold in the US under the Micronaut brand name, Microman is part of a world of miniature 4-inch humanoids endowed with superhuman powers, the result of a lab experiment gone wildly awry.

Prepare to Meet the Biomachines:

Xeku and Biomachine Mirror

With his super mobility, Xeku is the ace soldier of the Biomachine Team. Due to programming errors at the time his personality was set up, he emerged as a tyrannical time bomb and is under constant supervision by Trinity. He is packaged with Biomachine Mirror, a Micro G-Control IC System that can fly at exceedingly high speeds.

Godoh and Biomachine Stinger

With keen intelligence, Godoh is the brains of the Biomachine Team. He can analyze and ultimately act upon weaknesses of his nemesis, Acroyear. Using his cruise machine, Stinger, he can hover on the surface of land and water. This machine also has the ability to remotely scan for the dreaded Acro virus.

Hack and Biomachine Tiger

Hack is physically the most powerful and controls the most state-of-the-art driving machine in the Biomachine team. On this futuristic buggy with super micro wheels, Hack can handle every kind of terrain and travel at super high speed under all conditions.

Trinity and Biomachine Kong

Trinity is the leader of the Biomachine team and is responsible for strategy and tactics of all operations. He is generous, but very strict when enforcing his responsibilities. Using Kong’s gigantic “Panzer Arms”, Trinity can attack enemies and can tow other Biomachines. Kong also has a high performance biosensor scope and serves as a computer server for a LAN system connecting the team.

The four Biomachines, beside being riding machines for each Microman of the Biomachine series, can also be combined together to form an armor suit called "Bio-Suit", a mechanical power suit!

Look for Biomachines in February and more Microman figures in the months to come!

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