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Can of Words

Beans That Sprout With Messages of Love!

Plant the Message…Plant the Message…Plant the message…

Takara introduces the amazing new CAN OF WORDS, beans that are sown in a container of soil that will grow into a plant with just a little water. What’s so interesting about that? Be patient, all you green thumbs! After a few days, a bean plant emerges and it will have a lot to say. Takara puts short and sweet sentiments on the seeds (before they are planted) with a laser. After the seeds grow into plants, the message is emblazoned on the leaves for all to read.

Too shy to tell her that you love her? Maybe it’s too trite to dedicate a song? Let the Can of Words speak for you.

CAN OF WORDS is also a perfect little gift for moms, dads, grandparents, friends or anyone who is near and dear to you.

In a world in need of a little TLC, Takara offers joy that sprouts up everywhere…

CAN OF WORDS also available with the following messages:

+ Thank you
+ Good Luck
+ Get Well

Visit the Can of Words Web Page

Pat Cassano