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NEW YORK, NY – February, 2004 – Balls of yarn or tin foil? Catnip-stuffed socks?? In the world of cat toys, those are so 20th-century! Fast-forwarding into the new millennium, cat lovers now have a new and different way to keep theirwildly entertained with Cat Attack, the world’s first remote control cat toy. Created by Takara, the known for introducing technologically innovative products like the groundbreaking Bow-Lingual dog translator, Cat Attack is an innovative remote control cat exerciser that actually simulates the movement of a real mouse through the application of a unique proprietary cutting edge technology. Exciting, unpredictable and entertaining, Cat Attack will challenge both active and “couch potato” cats to play.

The first of its kind, Cat Attack uses the latest research in chaos theory and complex systems to simulate the movements and personality of a cat’s favorite prey. This “virtual mouse” technology utilizes algorithms modeled upon the neural network of a real mouse, providing random and unpredictable movement that captivates, intrigues and incites cats. Cat Attack consists of a main unit that resembles a cute cat, with wheels on its underside and a long, slender cat-dancer wand with a brightly colored pom-pom at its tip. The separate wireless remote control features easy-to-use navigation buttons that allow the owner to pilot the main unit, while the dancer with its pom-pom tip dips, sways and bobs chaotically. Cat Attack is irresistible, inciting cats to swipe the wand with their paws, batting and chasing it as they seek to wrestle it to the ground!

Purrfect for sedentary cats with weight issues, Cat Attack is also ideal for the most active cats, keeping them busily engaged for hours of fun. And since you are at the controls, Cat Attack is a great way for owners to interact and bond with thethey love.

Cat Attack uses 5 AA batteries for hours of engaging play. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $25 and will be available in April 2004 at fine pet and specialty retail stores.

Established in 1955, Takara Corp., a Japanese specializing in the creation of innovativeand “lifestyle” products like Beyblade, Transformers, Penny Racers and e-Kara karaoke, is responsible for introducing many “firsts” to the toy industry. Through advanced research and development, Takara continually seeks to challenge the limits of present-day technology and is committed to pushing boundaries and bringing the “impossible” within reach, as seen in products like the groundbreaking Bow-Lingual and Q-Car, a life-size Penny Racer. Exploring new ways for both children and adults to have fun, Takara has also created new “lifestyle entertainment” markets with the introduction of products that spark the imagination and change the way we play.


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